Strategic Leadership and Training Services

Princeton Leadership Services is a privately owned and operated consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, strategic planning and executive coaching. We custom design our programs for each client to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Leadership Development and Strategic Planning

Leadership Development is critical to the success of your enterprise. We provide a range of services from initial foundational information for new employees, to team development for mid-level managers, and up through one-on-one coaching of seasoned executives.

How We Can Help

  • Leadership Workshops
  • Team Development Programs
  • Motivational Keynotes
  • Program Evaluation and Development
  • Company-Wide and Management Team Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Adaptive Organizations Assessment
  • Executive Coaching

Athletic Administration and Coaching Consulting

Athletic Directors have never faced greater pressures than they do today. Princeton Leadership Services is preparing the next generation of athletics administrators and coaches to lead.

Responding to the relentless demands from coaches, staff, student-athletes, parents, campus leadership, trustees and the media leaves little time for planning and reflection. From sounding board to strategic planning services, our mission is to provide every student athlete the opportunity for both a distinctive education and a championship experience™ by supporting the coaches and professionals who make that happen.

Our Focus

  • Intercollegiate Athletics Consulting and Strategic Planning
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Professional Staff/Coach Resume and Interview Preparation
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • New Business Development Consulting
  • Team Development Programs
  • Leadership Team Retreats

Athlete Viewpoint™

Student-Athlete Survey

Developed in conjunction with a team of industry leaders and experts, the Athlete Viewpoint™ survey is the most comprehensive tool nation-wide to gain insight and actionable data about the student-athlete experience.

Athlete Viewpoint™ ensures that athletic departments across the country are documenting their athletes’ views through the use of a quality instrument that saves staff time and resources. It introduces to the college athletics landscape a web-based vehicle to collect comparative data to aid athletic directors in their decision-making, coach/staff-development and resource allocation.